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Nordic-Estonian Consumer Education group

Nordic consumer organizations, government agencies and authorities have collaborated on educational issues since the 1960s. Over the last ten years, collaboration in the sector of consumer education has been extended to the Baltic States. Consumer agencies in Nordic countries and Estonia have a common task when it comes to promoting consumer education in schools. Nordic-Estonian Consumer Education group is established in 2007 as an informal cooperation group. The main purpose of the NE-group is to promote consumer education, co-ordinate projects and create bi-lateral networks (universities and state authorities) within the field of consumer education. The actions of the group are based on the document: Teaching Consumer Competences, a Strategy for Consumer Education. The strategy is designed to enhance consumer education and the teaching of consumer competences and to help curriculum planners, educators, teachers and trainers. It also has the aim of encouraging development of competences and learning environments.

Following persons are behind the actions of Nordic- Estonian Consumer Education group:

Estonia: Hanna Turetski, Consumer Protection Board of Estonia
Finland: Taina Mäntylä, The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
Norway: Sissel Annie Husebråten, Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion
Sweden: Anita Forsnäsgård, Consumer Agency of Sweden

A New Nordic-Estonian Document

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Age relevant life skills - development of consumer competences (draft)

Teaching must be age-appropriate and must enhance pupil’s healthful growth and development. (United Nations’ Convention of the Rights of a Child). The aim of curriculum planning is to create a bridge between learner’s needs and the educational objectives, the two basic fields of schoolwork.

The Nordic-Estonian group of experts has constructed a draft for the objectives and contents of consumer education in the age groups of 3 – 15. It is an attachment to the document Consumer Competences – a Strategy for Consumer Education The final document will be published after the consultation and will be translated into all participating languages.

The document is upgrading the previous proposal for the objectives and goals of consumer education, which was published in the publication series of Nordic Council of Ministers (TemaNord 2010:568).The revised document is defining and supplementing the themes and objectives of consumer education in the age groups 3 – 5, 6 – 9, 10 – 12 and 13 – 15.

To make the final document support the development of consumer education we are looking forward to your views and comments by 31.1.2014. The feedback will be discussed in a Nordic-Estonian workshop.

Using media at school - how to teach without commercial pressure
- Seminar on consumer education 2013 in Helsinki

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In cooperation:

Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, Swedish Consumer Agency, Estonian Consumer Protection Board, Norwegian Ministry of Children Equality and Social Inclusion, Finnish National Board Of Education, Helsinki University, The Finnish Society on Media Education, School Cinema. 

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